Building with Us

As the home building division of Mosaic Properties Inc., we specialize in building luxury custom homes for private clients in Victoria neighbourhoods.

We offer you a choice of total project management, design/build, cost-plus construction management or turn-key contracting.

Whichever you choose, you will receive scheduling and time management, full budget and accounting systems, and full coverage 2, 5, 10 Year New Home Warranties.

Our full-time team of Project Manager, carpenters, and other experienced tradesmen takes pride in delivering high quality design and workmanship in every home we build.

BUILT GREEN® by Design

New homes built by Mosaic Properties Inc. are constructed according to the sustainable building practices of the BUILT GREEN program, owned and managed by BUILT GREEN Canada.

BUILT GREEN is an independent non-profit organization that provides construction guidelines and criteria for homes that are more energy efficient, offer better indoor air quality, minimize resource use (including better waste management) and reduce overall environmental impact. Better energy efficiency results in long-term savings for the homeowner. Healthier indoor air improves comfort and offers better health and peace of mind for the family. The use of durable reduced-maintenance building materials ensures your home lasts longer. And preserving natural resources means leaving more for future generations to enjoy.

BUILT GREEN homes directly benefit homeowners, and they also benefit the community and the environment. For example, the use of local materials is given priority, thereby reducing transportation costs and stimulating the local economy. And selecting materials and products made from recycled content reduces the energy consumption required to extract new materials.